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Monday, February 9, 2009

2009 update!

I guess I'm not very good at this blog business since I don't seem to be writing much! I guess so far 2009 has been okay! We have some short term goals for the year and a few long term ones! We've done our taxes and I'm happy to report that my daycare business broke even and really had no effect on our tax return. We are getting money back from the federal government but we owe Oregon a small amount! The rest goes into the back until Ryan gets his bonus in March and we can decided which credit cards get payed off!

Molly turned 5 on the 26th of January! I can't believe she's that old! She's such a smart girl! Michael turned 3 on February 7th! He's almost potty trained. The only time he's wearing diapers is at night! He's so proud of himself!

We have also recently made a very hard decision to not have anymore kids! I haven't been feeling well lately and have been somewhat depressed and I came to the conclusion that it was due to my IUD. So I told Ryan I wanted to have it removed but that he first has to get a vasectomy! So he'll be calling this week to set up that appointment! He's very much on board with this decision. He promised me before we ever got married that if we had kids that he would be the one to get "fixed" when the time came! What a brave and wonderful gift to me!

Ryan and I will be going to our first Parenting class tonight! I'm scared to go. That's how I am in new situations. Ryan doesn't think he needs to go but I think it will be good for us to get on the same page discipline wise. I'm hoping this we strengthen us as parents and also in our marriage!

I have a lot of other exciting things that I would like to share but I worry that if I share them now it may jinx what we are hoping to have happen!