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Monday, April 27, 2009

House Update!

It is official we will be home owners on the First of May! The inspection went well. We are so thankful for that!

The kids are very excited about having a hand in "splatter" painting their rooms! Molly's room will be white with pink and lime green splatters. The colors match the comforter set that Grammy Sue bought her last fall. Michael is super obsessed with The Incredible Hulk! So his room will be Hulk green and blue splatters on a white background. I'm sure they'll be wearing more paint then the walls by the time we are done. I have picked a beautiful shade of green for our master bedroom. It's called Artichoke and it matches the bedding we already have perfectly! The rest of the house (living room, kitchen, dinning room & hall) will all be a tan color called Macadamia.

I am still not sure what I'm doing in the daycare room. It will be an ongoing project through out the summer! I do know that my in laws are giving us carpet for in that room. Very nice of them!

Ryan and his dad will be updating the Electrical in the house. Crossing fingers that it will be a somewhat easy job for them to complete in a weekend!

Once we get our keys on Friday I will post some before pictures of our cute little house! We have been so blessed! God truly is good and great! He has provided so much good in the last few months! Ryan has gotten some great praise from some of the head honchos at FPL! Yeah Ryan! He has some great visions for the future and he bosses are seeing that and running with his ideas! I'm so proud of him!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

We are buying a house!

Ryan and I are in the process of buying a cute little starter home in Riverside! We are so excited for this next step in our lives! We honestly thought that this day would be several more years away! Thankfully we found a great real estate agent, Jessie Minkler! We also found a great person willing to help us with the whole loan process, Cherie at Westcorp Mortgage! We looked at 8 houses total. Found 3 that we really liked but in the end chose the one that was the best investment in our future.

The house is a 3 bedroom 1 bath (ugh) bungalow. It has been well taken care of. There is also a separate room with outside entrance for my daycare business! It was a surprise since it wasn't listed on the website! It needs a little work but that shouldn't be too hard to do since Ryan & his dad are so handy. We are planning on tearing out the carpet to reveal the hardwoods! We are also praying that those hardwoods are in decent shape!

We have the house inspection April 10th. If all goes well then we will close on the house May 21st! Once we get the keys I'll take some before pictures then we will get to work. We hope to have all the painting and floors done so we can move in the last weekend in May!

If anyone reads this and wants to help with any of the work please let us know! We will pay you in Pizza and beverages of your choice!