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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

How much do I hate Winter?!?!

So in case I haven't mentioned it before, I hate Winter! I have never liked cold (that's why I moved to Alaska)! I really hate snow with a passion! It may look pretty but it's not. It's cold, wet, messy and so much more!

So I really enjoyed Monday when school was a 2 hour delay. That meant Molly didn't have preschool! She was mad but I was jumping for joy that I didn't have to drive in the snow! Then Tuesday was no school which didn't matter anyway since Molly only goes Monday, Wednesday & Friday. So I'm thinking this morning when I get up that school will at least be delayed again. No such luck. So I'm thinking is it worth it for me to get Molly, Micheal and Griffin in and out of the van a total of 8 times before the day is done? I take her because they are supposed to have there Christmas program tomorrow. So I get there (I drove 10 miles an hour the whole 3 blocks) and they have rescheduled the program to next Tuesday! So now I have to call all of our family and let them know of the change. I'm just a little pissed off.

I hate snow!!! I love snow days as long as I don't have to go outside!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Doctors & Christmas

So I had my annual exam today! I know all of us hate them but they are a necessary evil! So I went into it a little more then worried! I haven't been feeling well and all signs were pointing to pregnant. Thank goodness my Doctor has known me long enough to know that I'm a worry wart and I freak out about nothing. So I'm not pregnant! I'm still not sure how I feel about that. Ryan doesn't want more kids and we certainly can't afford another on right now but I know that someday in the future I'd like to have one or two more. So we think I might have some thyroid problems so she is running some blood test. If it is my thyroid then hopefully it can be managed with 1 little pill everyday! I sure hope we find the answer soon I'm really tired of being tired, especially since I sleep really well at night!

Other then going to the doctor things have been good. We have our Christmas decorations up. They are so festive. The kids love the lights and all things Christmas. They are finally understanding what Christmas is all about. Not just presents but the birth of Jesus and being with the people you love! I'm looking forward to this years festivities. Molly has her first ever Christmas program on December 18th. She's very excited. We are going to spend Christmas Eve in Heppner with Ryan's family. I'm in charge of Christmas morning this year, I'm ever going to invite my Dad! I think he might be changing for the better and I feel it's important for the kids to know him! My mom, brother, and grandparents will be here. It should be a fun morning! We will be spending the Afternoon and evening of Christmas at my mom's. I really am excited this year!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Thankful For....

So in the spirit of the Thanksgiving I just wanted to say what I'm thankful for! I'm thankful for the joy my children bring. Even when they are totally driving me crazy I think about how great it is that they are healthy, smart and happy! I'm thankful for Ryan. He's my best friend, my partner, and the best lover I've ever had! I'm thankful for Ryan's job! It supports our family not only income wise but we have the best benefits! I'm thankful for the 3 families that pay me every month to watch over there beautiful children, it's an honor to be trusted with their children! I'm thankful for my mom who still takes care of me even though I have a family of my own now. I'm thankful for the time she spends with her grandkids and the joy she gets from them. I'm thankful for the relationship she has formed with Ryan. They really are fun together! I'm thankful for my brother who is always so willing to help us out when we get into a tight spot! I'm thankful for my friends who are understanding of what my life has become and don't question why we haven't gotten to have a normal phone conversation in 4 years or why we can't go out to lunch unless it's a kid friendly place!

I wish everyone well and hope that you have a lot to be thankful for this year! Things could be so much worse! I may not have a lot but I have my health, a roof over my head, food in my fridge and family that loves me!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 24, 2008


Thank you lord for providing me with the money to go see Twilight! So I would just like to state that the movie got me all kinds of excited! They so need to get the next movie done and in the theater!

I'm glad the movie stayed so close to the book! On the drive home I had to give Ryan the run down on the other books and why Rosalie was such a bitch! It was weird watching the movie and seeing Jasper because I dated a guy that looked a little bit like him! Kinda freaky! Ryan has decided that Alice is his new fantasy girl! She was pretty hot!

Anyway, now that I've seen the movie life can go on. Time to think about the Holidays now! Thanksgiving is only a couple days away and I still don't know what I'm taking to Ryan's grandparent's. Well I guess I'll figure it out today!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

This is me!

Okay so let's see! This is all kinda new to me! I thought I would do this blog thing so that I could vent, share and express my thoughts on life and my family! So once there is something for me to write about I will!

Nothing much has happened today! I cleaned the house, well some of it anyway! Ryan's sister, Stefanie came over from Heppner with her husband Troy and there 3 foster kids! It's always fun spending time with them. After they left I enjoyed a nice glass of wine!

Tomorrow Ryan and I are going to see Twilight! I read the series so I'm very excited to see this film! I hope it lives up to the hype!